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E-Learning Website: e-learing website design company in gorakhpur

E-learning technology enables people to learn, teach and collaborate from anywhere, at anytime. More and more companies are using e-learning to efficiently and cost effectively provide training sessions for employees.

At Pranam Infotech , our e-learning expertise allows us to develop stimulating and interactive courses that meet the clients’ learning objectives, fits their requirements, and also, importantly, their budget. Our E-learning modules accommodate different learning styles through audio, visual graphics, testing and printable exercises with PDF,PPT downloadable files for extra practice.

We also provide strategic advice and research services on e-learning technologies and their successful implementation.

While we develop any E-Learing Website then we consider at least below mention point

  • Business Consulting - We help you understand how to conduct online market research to refine your ideation including sharing of web tools to measure online opportunities for your products and estimate numbers within your user base.
  • Best of Website Design - Our in-house creative team ensures you have an industry leading and creative ecommerce web design. We love to share multiple design options and to action multiple iterations on a selected design to get to the design which best suits your ecommerce website.
  • E-Learing development - At Pranam Infotech , we mainly focus on such type of E-Learing website which can easily understand by any student. Our deliverables include Student facing web pages with typical features such as secure login, Question Viewing, Result Pages, Broad descripton of all Subject by using Audio, Vidoe, Test etc.
  • Full CMS / Administration Panel - We deliver a DIY CMS panel to ensure that website owners and their employees can operate the website by themselves. This includes Add New Subject, Subjectual Content, Student Login, etc.
  • Security Considerations - An essential part of our E-Learing solutions are security considerations. Our custom ecommerce websites are reviewed against security threats such as SQL injection, Cookie based attacks, XSS attacks, etc during our week long Quality Review process.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility - All our websites are tested on more than 5 popular browsers such as IE 6,7,8,9,10 Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Apple Safari, iPhone and iPad browsers. With this unique service, our customers do not lose a single prospect customer to cross browser compatibility issues.
  • Cloud Hosting - Our ecommerce web development process includes cloud hosting considerations. We help host the website based on traffic needs and our websites can be hosted on a simple shared server or even state of the art cloud servers such as AWS by Amazon, Rackspace USA, etc. We also help design website server architecture based on your needs to scale up ie. server clustering, use of CDNs, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Ranking websites high on Google is our forte'. In our E-Learning development projects, we consult student on activities they must conduct to rank high and gather free natural traffic for their website. Further our website development code standards are designed to create clean HTML to entice Google Crawlers and each of our web pages are checked against 10+ considerations for high search rankings.
  • Social Network Integration - As a leading E-Learing development company, we consult on the usage of Social media as a part of e-Learing website development. Use of Facebook Login, Share over FB / Twitter / Other media, Facebook Commenting integration, fan page linking, development of facebook apps are offered as value add services.

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